Facnor Accessories

Facnor have recently developed a new range of single stanchion leads and line accessories.

Single Stanchion Lead

The fixed single stanchion lead is a neat and effective solution for routing the furling line forward to the Genoa or staysail. 

Facnor Single FIxed Stanchion Lead

Articulating Stanchion Lead

Facnor have also developed the articulating single lead, where the line lead angle is important, or change in direction is required

Facnor Single Articulated Stanchion Lead

Double Stanchion Lead

With this new double stanchion lead the Gennaker/Spinnaker furling line can be easily fitted and operated, thanks to the new Facnor stainless steel double lead.

Ideal for endless line installations where the line needs to follow the toerail, or alternatively the lead can be used to guide a pair of parallel lines to the Genoa and Staysail, keeping the deck clear and free from unnecessary obstructions 

Double Stanchion Line Lead

Deck Fairlead

The Deck Fairlead, which has been developed by Facnor to coincide with the range of line accessories is a very strong and simple solution for line control. Produced in cast stainless steel, this item is a very durable and a great addition to the Facnor accessories range

Facnor Single Deck Fairlead

 The Facnor accessories brochure is available following the link below

Facnor Accessories Brochure

For more information about the accessories range from Facnor contact us