Facnor CF Mainsail Reefing System

The Facnor Mainsail reefing system allows you to sail in complete comfort and total security. 

It marks the end of struggling to reef in rough seas; in one simple operation you will have the sail adjusted to the wind force.

The furled mainsail is contained in a housing section fixed to the mast. The great reliability of the system comes from the furling mechanism itself which is a unique line drive positioned just above the gooseneck (FACNOR patent).

The crucial concept of this system is the ability to fit to the mast sail track without the need to drill holes in the mast. This extremely strong, but simple method of fitting requires no alteration to the mast, nor any modification of the goose-neck. As a consequence the system is easy to both fit and remove, without unstepping the mast, and will fit all types of masts.

We offer a comprehensive range of models to suit yacht from 6 to 16 meters (20 to 50 ft). 

Facnor CF Mainsail Reefing System Behind Mast

The Behind Mast system is available on the following link below

Behind Mast Brochure

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