Facnor Flat Deck Reefing System

Once again the Facnor design team have produced a system that incorporates innovation and simplicity.

The Flat Deck reefing system from Facnor is an extension of the RC reefing system. Its flat design maximizes sail luff length and its large diameter drum gives maximum mechanical advantage to the user. All the advantages that the RC system gives over regular systems, at an affordable price.

However this new system has a very distinct advantage over the RC system and all other continuous line reefing systems, in that it is controlled by one line. This small but ever so important fact means the system is very easy to operate and set up. The line lead along the side of the yacht is simple and un clutttered, with no additional equipment needed.


The Flat Deck system also has a new open bearing box in the drum and halyard swivel. This bearing box is configured for easy maintenance and faster furling.


  • Low drum makes for maximum headsail luff length.
  • Single line operation.
  • High torque for easy handling.
  • Torlon ball bearings for fast furling.

Flat Deck brochure is available following the link below.

Flatdeck Brochure

For more information about the Flat Deck system contact us.