Facnor FX Top Down Furling System

FAST FX+ System

The FX+ furler, fitted with the Fast Thimble, allows to furl in the Asymmetric Spinnakers from the cockpit by pulling the bottom furling line. The anti-twist rope rotates up to the top and then transmits the rotation from the head to the tack of sail. With this simple system, it is possible to use your existing asymmetric Spinnaker.

The FX+ furler, fitted with the Fast thimble enables the standard FX+ system to be used for Asymmetric Spinnakers and even possible, using your existing Asymmetric sail.

Facnor design staff have made it possible for you to furl a spinnaker or cruising chute. Yes that's right a positive luff sail can now be used and furled from the safety and comfort of the cockpit, without the need for a huge crew.

The FAST FX+ system is setup as a Top Down furling system, making the whole process, from hoisting to flying then furling, a straight forward process.

Facnor FX FX+ Top Down Furler Furling System

The FAST FX+ brochure is available on the following link below

FAST FX+ Brochure

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