Sparcraft Boom

Standard, custom, aluminium or composite, traditional or motorized, the Sparcraft booms are optimized for your boat. Their design, manufacturer and ease of operation thanks to our experiencSparcraft White Painted Boom

When choosing a Sparcraft boom, there is a wide selection of choice, whether you require a traditional Slab Reefing setup, Single Line Reefing or to suit an Inmast reefing setup, we can supply.

The boom end fittings contain the hardware and capability to setup the boom, in many different ways. The inboard boom ends come with jammers fitted as standard, which enables the lines to be held with out the need to lead the lines aft to a cockpit where is many cases this is not possible. 

There is the option to setup the boom up as a single line system, where one line is pulled, the reef pulled in, without the need to exit the cockpit. As only one line is used, friction is reduced massively over the use of a similar setup, with block and tackle system inside the boom.

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Sparcraft Boom Brochure

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